Thursday 13 August 2015

Blocksville, population me blocked me, moments after I commented on their post.
So below is my comment, I think I was inviting discussion, asking for comment and actual argument against same-sex marriage. Lets not confront dissent, lets silence it, really shows how strong your position is...

Children have a right to a mother and father where possible.
BS, Children have the right to be cared for and looked after, better to be raised by two loving parents of the same sex than rot in the adoption system.
Biblical sexuality, were are my 1000 wives and concubines (1 kings:11)

Children have rights; this seems to be her go to argument. The rights are actually spelled out in the human rights charter, around freedom from abuse, neglect, access to education, food, play, shelter.
Differing-sex couples can (and do) just as easily neglect, abuse, and damage their children. We remove children from these situations already regardless of the sex or number (single parents) of parents. Again better to have two parents that love each other and the child than no parents, regardless of the sex of the parents.
I have some very close family friends who are adopted, they found their birth parents and are eternally thankful that they were not raised by them, I know this is annecdote, but so is Katy's and annecdotes do not equal evidence. Studies that are repeatable do;

Children fitting into an adults lifestyle, so when a family moves for work, should they lose their child that has to fit into their lifestyle.

Why does she and it would seem no one, have a non-religious argument against same-sex marriage. They all boil down to my book says you can't do it, so you can't. Or I don't like it, so you can't. Trust me, I hate avocado, but I don't start facebook groups to get rid of it, petition politicians to ban its growth and import or go around picketing subway to get rid of it.

Oh yes, and Katy Faust (if that is her real name) is a bit of a sham;

Peace out all, even crazy bigots who use the bible to justify that bigotry.

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