Monday 28 November 2011

The "honorable" Fred Nile

I was a little annoyed post Christopher Hitchens death people like Fred Nile trying to garner publicity for themeslves by posting this kind of attack at a person who can no longer defend themselves;
To save you  from giving Nile any traffic I am sure the headline will tell you enough; "Christopher Hitchins No Longer An Atheist". He was of course copying words off of televangelists in the USA. So I decided to respond, below is our short correspondence;

Email 1

Hi Fred Nile or your assistant who reads these,

I refer to the media release here;

I know this may be a waste of time, but I feel the need to respond to your media release.

Do you find it easy to attack someone who has passed away, or are you trying to gain some fame from riding on his coat tails?

Here let me answer your questions you posit, I hope you will take the time to read this as I read yours;

Hitchens(the correct spelling) is no longer an atheist because he is dead, his consciousness is gone he cannot experience anything and has no consciousness to show any doubt in the existence of a God. There is no evidence of your God Yahweh or any of the Gods, any evidence would be trumpeted from the rooftops by the faithful but none is forthcoming. Using the bible as proof for God's existence is the same as using the Bhagavad Gita for proof of the Hindu God Bhagavan, or the Koran to prove that Jesus was not the son of God (Allah), and was just a prophet of Muhammad.

Your quote from the bible means little; the bible is flawed and contradictory in many ways. Do you follow all 300 odd rules that Yahweh lays out in the bible, are you able to drink poison or be bitten by a poisonous snake and not die as the bible says will be the sign of a true believer? (Mark 16:17-16:18)

Christopher Hitchens did amazing things with his intellect, he exposed the fraud of the Catholic church and their poster girl Mother Theresa, and he exposed religions failings, foibles and all out lies. He debated valiantly with minds like yours closed to evidence and reason. The fact that you would try and denigrate him and compare him to his brother, someone who has not been widely published or widely recognised by anyone is abhorrent.

Here I will confront Jesus Christ as others have, see here; and here;
Jesus was probably not called Jesus, it is a mistranslation from Yeshua, more properly translated to Joshua in English, Joshua was as other books of the old testament show a very common name among the Jews. The town of Nazareth didn't exist till after the 3rd century AD ( and, and the inconsistencies in the story of Jesus show it to be a badly handed down and edited story at best, a fabrication at worst.
Here are some of those inconsistencies;
It was unlikely that I was ever going to vote for you, but now I will ensure everyone I know, knows that you are not just a small minded bigot but someone who seems to revel in the death of someone with a dissenting view. I don't wish you death, but I would wish you and your staff think truly and honestly about why you believe what you do and why you feel the need to promote yourself at the expense of others.

Email 2 - Reply

Mr Storey
It is I who reply to your Email.
Christopher Hitchens spent his life publicly attacking the evidence of God and the Christian faith and he now knows their is a God and life after death.   Where he spends eternity is in God's hands.
Please do me a great favour and prayerfully read the Gospel of John and ask Almighty God to reveal Himself to you.

God bless you.
Rev Fred Nile

Email 3 - Final

Hi Mr Nile,

I have read the book of John, as well as Matthew, Mark, and Luke, Psalms, Paul's letters to the Corinthians, Timothy, Acts of the Apostles, Revelation and in fact the entire Bible cover to cover as well as interspersed during religious education. I even prayed for my faith to be strengthened, it didn't happen, quite the opposite.

Who would God (if he exists) be more angry with, those like me that use the brain given to them to question and seek the evidence or those like you that pretend to speak for God? 

My Comments;

I like how he replied to my last email. Also nice of him to read the links I sent him, oh well, if you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people.