Sunday 2 June 2013

The "Truth" About Science- Part 2

Back from a debate and I did say I would post this post debate, so here is Josephs second video debunked, I'll do part one later. This is really rough as it was meant to be a comment to a youtube video but it is way too long as Joseph does use the scatter gun technique so there is a lot to debunk. There may be more of these to come.

DNA isn't math, and doesn't do math. It is a series of chemicals that we give meaning too, notice I said WE as in humans.

Stars and planets don't work like a clock, look into orbital dynamics, the kupier belt and inner asteroid belt and its non-clockwork like orbits, not to mention comets and rogue asteroids, heck even interstellar rogue planets larger than Jupiter. Interesting that the bible would mention a clock seeing as mechanical clocks weren't invented till the 1300's.

Earth in the centre of the Universe;really, you can't be serious here this is a gross misunderstanding of cosmology. It is stretching away from Mars at the same rate, from the milky way at the same rate and Andromeda and its 1trillion stars at the same rate. We are in the centre as every point is in the centre by your definition. We don't know where the real centre is and it is likely not us, as from a galaxy outside our local group we would also be appearing to move away at a proportional red shift of our distance from them.

Pantheist; Believes the universe is god, polytheist "believes in heaps of gods".

You can quote the bible to prove anything, I notice you are clean shaven in the clip; "'Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard." - Leviticus 19:27
But yes men can and have said God created the heaven and the earth, as they did in the Sumerian creation myth from 1600bce, they also talked about a flood that three of the four gods let happen, one decided to tell his favoured follower to build a boat to survive it, sounding familiar? No this doesn't mean a worldwide flood happened, the more likely answer is that the myth was copied from the Sumerians in Babylon to the Canaanites and Jews in Israel and Palestine.

7 Days of the week actually goes back to pre-Judaic times, in the 6th century BCE Babylon to be precise is the earliest it has been found. But a hint to the weeks origin can be found in the names of the days. Sunday after the then worshipped Sun, Monday after the then worshipped Moon, Tuesday after the Nordic god Tyr the equivalent of the roman god Mars, Wednesday or Wodens day after Woden the Nordic spelling of their king of Gods Odin, Thursday after the Nordic God Thor, Friday after the Nordic god Frigg Roman equivalent Venus (hence the Italian for Friday is 
Italian Venerdi), Saturday after the Roman god Saturn who was father to King of the Gods; Jupiter.

7 continents is just due to our definition, you must realise that, there has been some contest by Greenlanders to have their island called a continent, others define anywhere between 4 and 6 continents.
7 colours really, wow. There are billions of colours in the Electromagnetic spectrum, most we can't even see as we only have 3 cones for coloured light perception and can only differentiate 7 colours, some animals have more cones and can thus differentiate more, there are even humans with 4 cones.
7 objects visible from space... Really this depends on your resolution. I can see my house from space and every house in my street. There are hundreds of objects even visible with the human eye from space.
7 musical scales, now you are just being silly, this is again by our definition. I am sure dogs with their better hearing if they had better brains would have hundreds of scales.
7 elements of the periodic table... please tell me you didn't just say that, maybe you should go back to the medieval 4 elements of earth, air, fire and spirit. There are 85 naturally occurring elements and 103 so far discovered.
It doesn't go on and on and on... There are 365.25 days in a solar year, split into 12 unevenly numbered months that were human defined and are almost all named after Roman gods or emperors. 

Bible numerics, now this is just getting silly. You know there are supposed numerics in the Koran as well with 19 featuring prominently. Numbers are just those numbers, the human mind does get fixated on them, specifically numbers like 3, 7, 12, 13, 19. Numbers can also trick us, the old trick of pricing a car at $19,990 instead of $20,000 cause it looks cheaper... really it is $10. Have a look into the Psychology of randomness to discover that even when given free choice people tend to pick the same numbers. Have a look at the claims of the authors of the Enochian language, that this must be the perfect language of the angels as it is "mathematically perfect", it was simply made up by two men, one who understood mathematics. This is what the authors of the bible did, they may not have understood mathematics, but they knew the books that came before and already had 3,7,12 in their head.
Your math is very off in this section, I urge you to seek out a statistician and get them to check it and show you how and why you are wrong.

Hebrew words are numbers, this is Talmud and Kabbalah stuff. Something that most christians don't accept as they know this is special pleading by the Rabbis who we know wrote the Talmud and Kabbalah. They found things that fit, and made them fit where need be. This has been debunked by statisticians...
Satan= 13x13x13, I thought 666 was the number of the beast, or maybe that was 616? Whoop de do, you have assigned 13 to mean sin and thus Satan=3 sins, it doesn't mean anything as you have defined all the parameters. What if as the Chinese do 13 is assigned as good. Satan in Hebrew is actually numerically 364, it is in Greek that it is 2197.

We get our letters from Hebrew, Nordic and Greek, if you look at old English you will see the Eth, Wynn and Thorn characters in the alphabet that were straight from the runic symbols. Even the name alphabet is a hint, from the first and second of the Greek letters, Alpha and Beta.
The Cross as it is shown in this video has been seen pre-Christianity in Greece, Celtic coins, Egypt, pre the Hebrew language even being written down. The cross was used by the Chinese for centuries BCE for the number 10, and we now have seen that children draw a cross developmentally just after they draw circles, so it is the second easiest shape for us to draw.
What actually happened, Sumerians started with cuneiform or pictographic writing, the Egyptians adopted this but it took to long to write, so they developed a short-hand cursive form for their papyrus writing and this due to their empire was copied far and wide, and simplified even further into other languages. Notice the similarities to Hebrew, Mandarin, even the Latin alphabet that we are using now.

Cells, firstly although some of this is video of the cells from a microscope the video of the workings of the inside of the cell is not video at all but it is computer generated based on observations. These complex functions we have started to discover evolved from simpler functions.

Yes you do go into everything briefly, that tells me either one of two things. You don't understand it enough to go into it in depth, or you are being dishonest and attempting to baffle people with lots of erroneous information at once, so they can't take it all in just the overall picture.

Fossils; Yep we can tell they have died and thanks to Nuclear theory we can tell when roughly based on nuclear decay of their radioactive elements. Deny this and you deny the ability for nuclear power to work, x-rays to see through flesh and the Fusion that happens in the sun.

Geologic column: oh dear, no many strata are not dated from fossils. Relative dates of strata (whether layers are older or younger than others) are determined mainly by which strata are above others. Some strata are dated absolutely via radiometric dating. These methods are sufficient to determine a great deal of stratigraphy. Some fossils are seen to occur only in certain strata. Such fossils can be used as index fossils, simply to give us an idea of the date of that strata. When these fossils exist, they can be used to determine the age of the strata, because the fossils show that the strata correspond to strata that have already been dated by other means. The geological column, including the relative ages of the strata and dominant fossils within various strata, was determined before the theory of evolution. 
Radiometric dating has been tested independently hundreds of times and not failed, except when people do dishonest things such as interfere with the test subject before hand, or give partial information to the testing lab.
You shake a jar of soil and you do get sedimentation, but it compresses differently. A geologist would be able to explain this to you, but basically if it is not compacted it will form different types of basically airy rocks. If it is compacted over time between the layers then the rock layer will be more solid. We do see this in strata from recent volcanic eruptions.

Polystrate Trees; Polystrate fossil or the tree growing through multiple layers. This can be caused by the tree fossilising and then being uncovered and covered again. This has been shown with fossil trees that have two sets of roots, one where the ground was originally and another where the ground moved to in another layer. This can also happen during a small local flood such as the one in Brisbane and Toowoomba where water pushed mud in slides forming layers over the tops of building and trees. In fact we have found polystrate trees below other polystrate trees. 
This doesn't discredit geology, it is just interesting.
So basically it can fossilise, become uncovered then become slowly covered again. Or it can have sediment lay down as it is living and then fossilise (multiple roots at different levels). This is like a mangrove in a swamp when the tide rises, what if the mud rose as well?
We know these aren't settling layers due to the earlier mentioned hardness of the rock, if it settled quickly it would be soft, not hard like we see.

Please throw any argument you have at; or if you get an answer there then you need to read it.

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