Monday 11 June 2012

Meant to be

On the way home from Sydney atheists last night I saw someone I am sure I had seen before. I took my headphones off and said hello, and that I knew I had seen him before. After some confusion over if I was British, I was wearing a red rugby jersey, not because I like rugby cause I like red. He said he had moved down from the central coast, I said maybe I used to visit grandparents on the central coast at Wyong, he said Wyong is not what it used to be... that's when it struck me, I knew where I had met this guy, and I knew what he was going to say when I revealed everything, it was meant to be.
I let him finish bad mouthing the people of Wyong, when I said I know where I know you from. I was on the way home from work late a few weeks ago and I you sat next to me on the platform. I had noticed and been a little perplexed by his shirt "carving for christ" a surf comp for Christians it seemed. He had noticed me look at him and struck up a nice conversation.
Last night was a little different, after he talked about his night he asked me where I had come from, I said I was over at Newtown with the Sydney Atheists meetup. He was taken a little aback and said "wow, well I am a pretty extreme Christian", then he said the famous words this was meant to be, I was meant to meet you again. I chuckled as I had known he was going to say this and quickly remembering his story I said well we are on the same train line it was only a matter of time.
He worked out that I had said meetup and started talking about meetup how he had, had a look on there and seen Sydney Atheist, but had also seen witches which he was concerned with. Why are witches any concern I said to him, they usually follow the pagan gods such as Baal (obviously I know very little about wicca; and how is this any different to following the Yahweh and Jesus. He responded with Baal being all about orgies and I responded saying I didn't think that was right, but how is it any concern of his, how is that any worse than eating the flesh of your god every weekend as christians do (even if it is only symbolic in his version).
I should have also added here, but didn't think of it, that how is an orgy comparable to the genocides that have been committed in the name of the God of the bible; Yahweh, or the ones Yahweh asked to be committed for him, eg Israelites versus the Amalekites and then later the Jebusites. They are not comparable to the crucifixion that is celebrated in church rather than mourned, they are not comparable to the celebration of martyrs rather than mourning their loss. Their is no comparison, at least Wicca tend to love the earth, and try and minimise harm to it, sure their gods have no more evidence for them than Yahweh, but at least they are a little nicer to the earth that sustains us all.
It came to my stop and I said goodbye, as I left he said "I will pray for you", and I responded "I'll think for you", if I had, had the time I might have instead said please don't pray for me I have food and a roof over my head, if prayer does anything pray for the 10million children that die each year (, if that is due to Lucifer/Satan then pray for him so that God who is supposedly all powerful may convert he who is not all powerful back to the side of light. But no, any Christian who thinks of these things does not think on them for long as they are to difficult, and cause too much pain reconciling with their faith.
I hope this guy I met does find this, I have not mentioned his name, but he knows mine and will surely find the meetup site over on the right there.
So I guess hello and hope you had a good read.

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